New Services And Updates

Webmasters, Its been 4 months since we launched. And today, we are really happy to serve and see you all satisfied.On this day, we are happy to announce the new changes in our site.We have changed layouts of the pages, look and feel of the design and added eye-loving colors as well.There are updates in prices too. Yeah, do check the new prices, ... Read More »

10th Jun 2014
Whois Protection is paid now

Webmasters,   We have an important update regarding one of the domain feature. Whois Protection or Privacy Protection is now paid. You need to pay $3.5 extra to have that add-on with you.   Well, its hard for us too. We also don't like this update but we do not have any other option. The domain registrar has come up with the ... Read More »

6th May 2014
New TLDs and offers

Hello guyz, We have lots of new TLDs available for you. They would surely help you reach closer to your niche.Wouldn't it be interesting if your site is '' rather than ''?Yes, that's right. '.xyz' is one of the newly available TLDs. Here are few more ... Read More »

1st May 2014
Free .com domain - Offer extended

We are here, again. Yes, this one is a surprise offer.We have decided to extend the free domain offer for one more month. Getting to the point, you don't need to pay for domain(.com) when you're going for hosting with us.The offer applies to all the packages of hosting except 'Zama R1'.In short, Go purchase a hosting pachage with a .com ... Read More »

1st May 2014