How do I configure hotlink protection?

  • Login to cPanel.
  • Locate and click on the Hotlink Protection icon within the Security category.
  • To enable/disable Hotlink protection, click on the Enable or Disable button.
  • Under the URLs to allow access heading, enter the name of your domain and any subdomains that will require access to server resources (images, etc).
  • Under the next heading, enter the extensions of files you want to block direct access to. Many common file types will be listed by default.
  • Choose whether or not to allow direct access to the file (The file can be access directly from the browser, just not from another web page.)
  • You can enter a Redirect URL for requests that attempt to access a hotlink protected resource. This page may be a Hotlinking is not allowed page.
  • Click the Submit button to save your settings.
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